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Meet Natalie.

Natalie qualified as an accredited Hatha Yoga teacher in 2013, following a life-changing experience of breast cancer. Her love of dance led to an instructor qualification in BarreConcept, a high-energy, confidence boosting workout, which is a great balance to the calm and nurturing approach of her yoga teaching. 

A second diagnosis in 2015 has shaped not only the way she moves, but also the way she teaches. She strongly believes in paying compassionate attention to both body and mind, aiming to inspire all her students to develop the confidence to take care of their own wellbeing - no matter their gender, age, shape or ability. 

Natalie specialises in small group yoga classes for adults as well as cancer recovery sessions, designed to help individuals release, relax and restore in a safe and nurturing environment.


And, as a trained children’s specialist, Natalie offers yoga to primary school children as part of the school day - helping them (and their teachers) to tap into their amazing inner resources in fun and imaginative ways that are inclusive and accessible to all.

When she’s not teaching, you can find her savouring a flat white, trying to practice meditation or dreaming about starring in a non-celebrity version of Strictly Come Dancing (usually whilst she’s supposed to be meditating).

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