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Small Group Yoga

Natalie’s small group yoga classes are designed to empower each student to access the benefits of yoga in a very direct and personal way.  Based on the teachings of Hatha Yoga, we focus on breath, aligning the body and holding postures for a short while.

Attending a small group class gives students the benefit of focused, individual attention as well as frequent opportunities for hands-on adjustment and support. We take time to pay attention to what the body is doing and feeling, rather than aiming for the perfect posture or rushing through a prescribed sequence.

With a maximum of 5/6 participants, the classes offer a relaxed environment where questions and dialogue are encouraged. This allows Natalie to customise class plans and support students in a way that most safely and appropriately matches their different needs (including those who have on going injuries or medical conditions requiring extra consideration).

No equipment is necessary – it’s all provided. Just bring yourself and wear comfortable clothes. Leggings (or trousers with an elasticated ankle) are recommended. There is no need for special ‘yoga gear’.

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