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Yoga for

School Staff


Yoga at school is not just for the kids. Offering sessions specifically for teaching and administrative staff is one way of helping to look after their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.  Providing a space to unwind, even for a short while, can minimise the effects of stress and overload and create a safe haven of nurturing support. 


Natalie offers a 6-week series of 30-minute sessions or stand-alone workshops as part of INSET training, to enable staff to unwind the body and mind during the day. This is a gentle and nurturing class, where you will learn breathing, movement and mindful techniques that support your wellbeing at work. No mat or fancy work-out clothes required! This is not yoga as you may see it depicted in the media, or even be used to if you have your own practice outside of school. It’s practical, easy-to-replicate, and uses only what we have available to us in the classroom setting. Take a moment to recharge and feel the benefits: ease tension, loosen tight muscles, build strength, lower your heart rate, reduce feelings of stress, find a sense of clarity and focus and re-energise.

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