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Movement, wellness

& balance for life.


Natalie’s small group yoga classes are designed to empower each student to access the benefits of yoga in a very direct and personal way.


Calma aids and enriches the curriculum in fun and imaginative ways, encourages healthy habits and supports a ‘whole child’ approach to education.


Ballet merges with pilates and yoga in this low-impact but intense workout that burns calories, tones and strengthens the muscles and increases flexibility.


Offering gentle, restorative postures, relaxation, breathing and meditation that work to revive the body, quieten the mind and restore the spirit.

About the Practice

All our classes are friendly, warm and open – and we like to have fun! The time you take to look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is important. It is neither a luxury nor an indulgence, it’s a priority; a long-term commitment to keeping yourself well – whatever that means to you. Coming to our classes will help you to gain a greater understanding of your own areas of development and celebration and (most importantly) to grow in health and confidence.
There can be too much emphasis on the perfect posture, or the correct way to do this or that, but what matters is listening to what is happening inside you, respecting what your body and breath have to offer you in that moment.

Yoga for me is about being, not doing, accepting and loving what we have and who we are. That can happen anywhere, no need for a mat or a studio, just take a breath.

– Natalie Perry

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