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Yoga for Cancer Recovery

It is well known that a cancer diagnosis and its subsequent treatment can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Yet cancer patients who are post-treatment often find themselves suffering more intensely and unexpectedly than they did during the gruelling rounds of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and heavy-duty drugs.

Far from feeling celebratory and victorious, the end of treatment can be a time of increasing fear and overwhelm. Individuals may suffer from physical restrictions, anxiety, depression, fatigue and mental ‘fogginess’ as well as the side effects of long-term drugs to help prevent recurrence. The carousel of appointments and intense clinical attention suddenly become more irregular and patients can find themselves feeling very alone as they try to navigate their way through recovery and towards wellness.

A regular Yoga practice can be especially supportive during this time. Gentle restorative postures, relaxation, breathing and meditation will revive the body, quieten the mind and restore the spirit. Even a short session will replenish lost energy, encourage healing and remind us we are taking positive steps toward coping with the distress cancer can cause.

Yoga for Cancer Recovery can be offered in a group, or on a 1:1 basis.

Good to know: Yoga for cancer recovery is not just for patients. Family and friends who have been affected by the disease need to take time for themselves, too.

No equipment is necessary – it’s all provided. Just bring yourself and wear comfortable clothes. Leggings or trousers with an elasticated ankle are recommended. There is no need for special ‘yoga gear’.


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