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Open Yoga

Natalie’s open yoga classes are based on the teachings of Hatha Yoga, focusing on breath, alignment and holding postures for a short while.

During our classes we take time to pay attention to what the body is doing and feeling, rather than aiming for the perfect posture or rushing through a prescribed sequence.

These classes offer a relaxed environment where students are encouraged to work at their own pace and with acceptance for whatever the body offers - knowing that this can change on any particular day. We use props such as chairs, blankets, cushions and blocks to support the body and deepen stretches in a safe, accessible way.  Natalie offers variations and modifications so that all students are included and can feel comfortable working at a level that appropriately matches their need (including those who have on-going injuries or medical conditions requiring extra consideration). 

No equipment is necessary – it’s all provided. Just bring yourself and wear comfortable clothes. Leggings (or trousers with an elasticated ankle) are recommended. There is no need for special ‘yoga gear’.

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